Thursday, February 08, 2007

What Is Time

I have been thinking a lot about this question lately. What exactly is time. Is it just a human notion that doesn't really exist? Is it linear? The answer is very elusive.

But I think I came up with an answer that satisfies me.

Time, is motion. Without motion there is no sense of time. Think about. In the movies, when somebody stops time, what else stops? All motion. How do we tell time? By the motion of little quartz crystals, or the movement of the sun.

Time = motion, without one there is no other.

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Shahzaman said...

Have you considered the possibility that time is created by the process of change? Without change, threre is no concept of time. Therefore, if you stop all change, there will be no time.

Also, time can also be slowed down "locally." For example, when you keep a piece of meat in the freez, you slow down, in a sense, the time for that peice of meat, and, therefore, the meat does not rot. Moreover, time is related to cognition. An inanimate (lifeless) object has no sense (or perception) of time.

Therefore, we can identify two types of time. One is local time, it relates to the observer, the other is Universal Time (capital T) which is created through the combination of all chages in the universe.

Because, time is only created through change, you cannot go backwards in time. Going back in time implies that you be able to reverse all changes in the universe, which is improbable.

Therefore, the most powerful operator in the universe is change. which creates everything else.

Like you I have also been thinking about time also. I am in the process of writing an article on this issue.